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Searching GPMDB: GPMDB can be searched by accession number, GPM identifer or by peptide sequence. Accession numbers can be any type that is returned from a GPM search. GPM identifiers are numbers assigned automatically to search results and have the following format: GPM00300000001 where GPM is the prefix used for all identifiers, 003 is the server id where the search was initially run and 00000001 is the zero filled 8 position integer assigned in incremental fashion to each result.
Multiple accession numbers or GPM identifiers may be entered in a comma seperated list.
Examples: lookup by accession number
ENSP00000249364 Calumenin precursor (Crocalbin) [ensembl]
YLR347C karyopherin-beta [scd, mips]
At5g66570.1 oxygen-evolving enhancer protein 1-1 [TIGR]
WIYEDVER or lookup by sequence
Species currently included in gpmDB